Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Cheat Talent Point [TP]

-java VM=

1.Open Ninja Saga to the Character Selection menu
(Have Charles open and don't select play yet)
2.Now set breakpoints for "ninja saga" and click play
3.Now keep executing the breakpoints and going to "Edit Request" then "AMF" until you get a line that says "CharacterDAO.getExtraData"
4.Click Execute once and go down to a folder called "Bloodline" and open it
5.Now open the subfolders and edit all the levels to 5 and execute
6.Now go back to Ninja Saga and click the "Talent" icon
(Remember to have breakpoints off at this part)
7.Now you will notice that all the Talent Skills you had before are now level 10 (this is just temporary until you refresh page)
8.This is where you train the skill, if you have it unlocked already
9.Now refresh the page and... you have the talent skill at level 1

-If you want to train that skill any farther you will have to repeat this process if the skill before that isn't level 5 yet.
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