Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Cheat 1 hit perjuangan semut *NEW

Cheat Perjuangan Semut 2012 - Cheat Perjuangan Semut 1 Hit Kill 100% work and very easy to use the cheat, cheat perjuangan semut 1 hitt kill high damage and weapon gemuru (dinamit), you will use gemuru weapon against enemy (hutan kabut), how to use the cheat perjuangan semut :

Tools : Charles

1. Open charles
2. Go  to hutan kabut
3. Relase You weapon (lepaskan senjata)
4. Break point charles ( http://idants.boyagaame.com)
5. Open the bag > put your weapon
6. Excute 1x and changed text (copy paste below)

Code 1 Hit Kill :

7. You will get gemuru weapon (dinamit) damage 999999999
8. Go to mission and enjoy leveling perjuangan semut :D

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